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Nicolas Grimaldi

Sede: Casoria
Sito internet: http://
Telefono sede:
Referente: Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
Telefono referente: 3495119448
Email referente:

Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello:
October 2016 (10 – 27) Standing Monteverdi by Benedetto Sicca Interno5 company, Italy
▪ Performer

October 2016 (20 - 25) Pupik by Jewish Monkeys band, Israel
▪ In the video is actor-dancer

August 2016 (7 - 13) Extract from “Nowhere” by Dimitris Papaioannoue Ravello Festival, Italy
▪ Performer

June - August 2016 (13 - 2) XXII International Competitor for Music Composition (Bologna) by Francesco Nappa & Fabrizio Festa. Körper company, Italy (via Vannella Gaetani (piazza Vittoria) 27, 80121 Naples)
▪ Dancer

May – December 2016 (8 - 18) Aesthetica – esercizio n° 1 by Gennaro Cimmino & Gennaro Maione. Körper company, Italy
▪ Dancer

Jenuary – May 2016 (7 - 7) Sai che sono qui? By Collettivo Danzapolis
▪ Producer and Performer

November 2016 (2 - still in progress) #TRES by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello
▪ Producer and Performer

November – April 2016 (3 - 28) Campanian Dance Road by Gabriella Stazio. Movimento Danza company, Italy
▪ Dancer

November 2014 – November 2015 (24 – 1) What the body does not Remember by Wim Vandekeybus. Ultima Vez company, Belgium
▪ Performer

July – November 2013 (13 - 25) Pensieri, Parole, Opere e ... by Carla Rizzu. Nervitesi company, Italy
▪ Dancer and Cartoonist
* In July he want at “ImpulsTanz Festiva – Vienna” as winners of a residence with the company

May 2013 (15 - 24) Mor4Orm by Giulia Cesari & Carla Rizzu. Nervitesi company, Italy
▪ Dancer

September 2007 – July 2012 (15 - 15). Graphic Design (83/100)
Professional Institute of graphic and advertising photography “I.I.S. Don Geremia Piscopo” (Italy)
▪ graphics, photography, advertising, design...

October 2012 – June 2014 (7 - 15). I.D.A. Ballet Academy (28/30)
▪ contemporary dance, modern dance, classical dance, hip-hop, theatre, pilates, yoga, anatomy and history of dance

Honours and awards
▪ From September 2014 Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello execute: workshop, seminars, master class, lectures, staged workshops, jam sessions… As a teacher, choreographer and director
▪ Studies in workshop, stages, intensive lessons with: Clémentine Duly, Damiano Ottavio Bigi, Thusnelda Mercy, Pascal Merighi, German Jauregui, Inaki Azpillaga, Damien Jalet, Bruno Caverna… and with high profile teachers in Italy and worldwide
▪ “Danza Paloma”, show by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello. It will debut in January 2017 at the Bellini Theater Napoli
▪ Project with producer Tommaso Tuzzoli and Sabrina Jorio, September – November 2016
▪ In Jenuary 2016 founded with other colleagues the Collettivo DanzaPolis
▪ “Sd(r)²” it is a final staging during a workshop conducted by Nicolas Grimaldi Capitello at the institution of international dance promotion
▪ Study and project with choreographer Tamas Moricz September – December 2014
▪ From November 2013 to

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